DAB Pumps: the Chinese branch have been awarded with the Ringier Innovation Technology Award

An excellent milestone for the Chinese branch based in Qingdao, the result of an international development plan.

Newspaper: Il giornale del termoidraulico

Passion, smartness, innovation: from DAB experience e.swim the electronic pump

e.swim the DAB leading product, the high efficiency electronic pump, designed for water circulation and filtration in residential pools.

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Technologies for water management, even more innovation with DAB Pumps

DAB developed a wide range of forefront technologies ready to offer efficient solutions for residential and commercial buildings, agriculture and irrigation.

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Dab Pumps: a great success for the first month of D.Truck tour

The traveling showroom for customers and retailers. On board are featured products, working demos and multimedia contents.

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Dab Pumps: a great success for the first month of D.Truck tour

D.Truck, the DAB mobile showroom showing the best of the company's technology.

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Efficiency and environment respect with Dab pumps

evosta, evotron and evoplus are high-quality reliable and environmentally friendly solutions. Which are choerent with environmentally friendly and sustainability company ethics.

Newspaper: L'industria meccanica.it

evosta, evotron and ecoplus DAB Pumps electronic circulators reduce electricity consumption over than 70%

The DAB Pumps electronic circulators' range is efficient, technology and environmentally friendly. It complies with ErP requirements of 2015.

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Assopompe: Carlo Banfi has been confirmed President

Sandro Stramare (Dab Pumps spa) among the new members of Assopompe's General Council.

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New packaging for DAB Pumps' products

Intuitive, simple and functional to the needs of customer and store, the expression of a modern and dynamic brand identity.

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Last generation technology

e.swim: the smart, adaptable and high-tech eletronic swimming pool pump.

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