Effective as of 1 January 2023.




DAB recognises that the increase of the uptake of e-commerce market and digital solutions is a great opportunity to support the growth of its business in the coming years.
This digital landscape multiplies the selling options for a business but also adds complexity in how businesses interact online and how these businesses support their customers, and we want to ensure in any scenery that our ethical and business Principles stay true.
We want to support our business partners in their online sales of DAB products, whilst ensuring that interactions and benefits for the end user are maintained. In doing this, it is also essential that the brand reliability of DAB is maintained as well as the integrity of our business partners operating online.
Our Products are a valuable asset and are integral to DAB’s image and reputation as perceived by stakeholders and our customers; they express our mission and values, strategic vision and purpose and we would maintain the highest standard of customer experience and protect, and better control the reliability of our brand and the intellectual property. For that purpose, we have set in place this Online Sales Policy, which we believe it will provide
transparency and the necessary support for our business partners who choose to sell online, and it will also ensure that the customers who buy genuine DAB products online are supported in a manner that they would expect from a well-known brand.
The Online Sales Policy applies – without exclusions or discriminations - only to online sale activities and to all purchaser of our Products and those who now or in the future sell our Products through their e-commerce website or other online platform distribution.
All DAB Online Sellers have to adhere to this policy, and they have to ensure that all their On seller customers who intend to resell DAB products on their web-shops also comply with this Policy.
The Online Selling Policy is divided into six sections:


  1. Guidelines: how to promote dab’s products on your e-commerce
  2. How to deal “iconic products”
  3. How to become a DAB Authorized Dealer
  4. Policy enforcement, monitoring, and violations
  5. Miscellanea

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