Dab meets students at Padua JOB Meeting


Looking forward to meeting you at Padua JOB Meeting!
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Job Meeting is an important event to connect the labour market, University, learning and job orientation professionals. DAB is ready to catch this great opportunity by inviting young graduates and students in a dedicated space where the thousand facets of working in a multinational company will be displayed.

DAB will be honoured to meet all the students who are going to dive into the labour market and lead them into the world of a company which, despite 43 years of experience, is still a trend setter of innovation, changes and modernity, thanks to DAB people that have always been the heart and the biggest resource of this company.

The appointment is on Tuesday, March 20th from 9.00 to 17.00 at San Gaetano Cultural Center, Via Altinate 71, Padua.

To participate and register, visit the event page HERE.

DAB pumps is waiting for you!

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