D.Lab, the laboratory for technical training in fire-fighting


D.Lab, the laboratory for technical training in fire-fighting
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On March 29th, DAB inaugurated the D.Lab, a new room for technical training in the DAB fire-fighting range at the Bientina plant.
D.Lab is a real laboratory for trying out the technologies of fire-fighting sets and learning skills in a concrete and effective way under the guidance of professional DAB trainers.
In the room, which covers 150 square metres, are fully operational products, equipped counters, measuring instruments and specially developed teaching materials.
D.Lab is in fact the only training facility in Italy to have its own technical room designed for the purpose and made to replicate the real installation of a pressure boosting system, with 2 fully operational fire-fighting sets compliant with the UNI EN 12845-UNI 10779 standards: a 1 KDN 50 250/250 DAB pumping set with a 37 kW electric motor and another with a 30 kW diesel engine and all accessories.
In addition to these sets, the D.Lab has two 1 KVT sets with vertical axis pumps, and one fully operational 2 NKVE inverter pressurisation set. 
The possibility to directly test operation and learn the steps of assembly, maintenance and repair of these fully operational systems represents the added value of the D.Lab, which offers a complete professional training service of the highest level in Italy.