Dab Pumps on the podium of the Procurement Award 2017


Dab Pumps on the podium of the Procurement Award 2017
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Global Sourcing is the concept with which DAB PUMPS secured third prize in the category of “Best Practice Negoziali” during the second edition of the Procurement Award for Italy’s most innovative companies in the field of Procurement and the Supply Chain. The award was given in recognition of the “coherent strategic vision of nearshoring from China to Europe, reducing the TCO and risk”. DAB also came third in “Innovazione negli acquisti” for Esourcing, a project by Digital Transformation recognised for its “efficient integration of online tenders in the conventional negotiating procedure”.

These major awards were received respectively by Barbara Cecchele, the DAB Group Purchase Manager, and Davide Bertapelle, the DAB Group Senior Buyer.
These successes are further proof of a dynamic approach to business and a vision geared towards future needs that can increase competitiveness with efficient and innovative practices adopted according to the best negotiating strategies.