DAB China solidarity


DAB China: an act of solidarity.
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The Chinese province of Henan was struck by historical recorded strongest rains in July.

In these emergency circumstances, 22 July 2021, which was renamed as the hottest day of the year, our Chinese subsidiary DAB Pumps, represented by the General Manager Alberto Bellondi, decided to act quickly to help the communities struck hard by these exceptional conditions of bad weather.

Thanks to a solidarity effort implemented in a very short period of time between the subsidiary DAB China, the network of local vendors and the Red Cross of the county of Zhengzhou, a total of RMB 400.000 FK VS / Nova pumps for industrial waste water were donated to the areas in the region of Henan affected by the disaster.

Dab China organised in fact an important donation of industrial pumps for sewage, after creating a task force, became directly involved in coordinating the shipping activities to guarantee that the products arrive at their destination as soon as possible.

During these moments, concrete actions make the difference as well as the speed with which they are implemented.

Therefore we thank the entire team of DAB China colleagues who participated in these solidarity operations and send our best wishes to the all affected communities, hoping that they can return quickly to normality.