DAB MAIN DC: a growth strategy based on customer proximity and resource optimization
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The DAB Main Distribution Center, the DAB logistics hub located in Monselice (Padua), managed with DHL Supply Chain Italy, has recently obtained the Silver Operations Management System (OMS) certification, the “Way of Working” of DHL Supply Chain, designed to manage operational business processes in logistics sites in a globally standardized way, optimizing performance.  

Thanks to this recognition, the DAB logistics hub is now the most advanced OMS site in Italy and among the 20 best in the EMEA region, capable of guaranteeing the highest possible performance in terms of quality and preparation times.  

The DAB Main DC extends over 13,000 square meters with a shipping quality of over 99%. 

Sustainability is also a foundation here: only energy from renewable sources is used, lithium batteries for all vehicles and LED lights to limit the impact on the environment. 

The expansion of a module inside is allowing the introduction of a rapid goods management system for local markets that will be completed by 2024.  

Since its inauguration, the growth and constant innovation of this logistics hub continues, around which revolves a strategy based on multi-level international nodes, with a view to customer proximity and resource optimization.