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The evolution of DAB's digital services
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The market is constantly evolving and so is DAB. To best meet the needs of customers and partners, indeed, we are committed to finding innovative and competitive solutions that can guarantee not only the excellence of the product, but also of the services connected to them.

For this reason, we chose to evolve the already existing DConnect platform, designed by DAB to monitor the installations remotely in a constant and effective way; a digital service able to control and manage the pumps from a smartphone, tablet or PC simply by connecting to an Internet network.

The added value today lies in a new, even more intelligent and optimized management. All the previous features have been maintained by introducing new ones to completely revolutionize the user experience.

For example? The user interface is now the center of attention. The global graphic restyling allows an improved experience in terms of usability and information search, thus more agile and intuitive. Furthermore, unlike the previous version, the multi-installation view allows you to have a global picture of the entire pump array for a quick and effective control of all data. This and much more.

In short, a real new generation of DConnect digital services.

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