Falsi Miti TEDx Padova 2024


DAB Pumps Platinum partner of TEDx Padova 2024 "Falsi Miti"
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We are excited to have attended the “Falsi miti. Leggende Urbane” event by TEDx Padova which took place on May 25.​

Both the TEDx format and this edition’s theme align with our corporate culture, which aims to encourage critical thinking.​

Eleven multidisciplinary speakers shared real-life stories and experiences, spreading the courage to change one's point of view and perspective in life. 

It was an insightful experience and a source of inspiration for all DAB team members who attended. It was also a great time to connect with colleagues and engage our internal community and to share innovative ideas. 

This marks our third time sponsoring TEDx and our second consecutive year as a Platinum Partner, underscoring our ongoing support for valuable initiatives and events.