Where: China
Installator: Mr. Pan Fujiang
Client: Private House of an Olympic tennis table champion
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting
Products: EsyBox, ESYDOCK, ESYTANK


he green hills outside the city are ideal for a quiet and relaxing residence, that’s why a very famous Chinese table tennis player decided to buy his four stages house in this area. The player is a real icon of table tennis, he holds many records and he is a celebrity in China. He won several gold medals at Olympic Games and at World Cup championship, he is one of the 4 players in the history to achieve the career Grand Slam. At the entrance of his house, there is a welcoming mosaic reporting the number 445, as the number of wins in a row collected by him.

Despite the high taste of the houses of this area, sometimes water supply can be difficult: in fact, the main water line may not give enough water flow nor enough pressure, especially to the highest floors. For this reason, a water reservoir and a booster pump is a common solution in this high end villas, where the maximum comfort of living is a must. Among the many solutions available in the market, E.syline is definitely the best choice: it is the only product family who can give a complete system with full optional. E.sytank is the ideal domestic water reservoir, compact, with vertical development. E.sydock is the base to couple E.sybox with the E.sytank, without any additional pipeline. The final installation results in a modern, compact, and good looking aesthetic. The E.syline concept by DAB is successful all over the world, as well as the table tennis champion. A gold medal for both!