Where: Ghana
Installator: Nesstra Ghana Ltd
Client: Private client
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Water boosting, Waste water, Swimming pool
Products: Euroswim, Nova UP, 2 K


Next to vast cacao fields in a green landscape of tropical forests, a fifteen apartment complex was built, named “Babylon Gardens”, located in the residential area of Tesano district. On the top floor, there is a luxury penthouse from where you may see stunning sunset. The apartment building is provided with an outdoor swimming pool, a comfortable backyard ideal for happy hours and barbecues, and a private car parking.

The customer chose the DAB distributor Nesstra Ghana Ltd. to design the proper solution and the water system for different needs. One group of 2 K 66/100T with E.BOX Plus – D (the electronic control panel with display) was installed to provide pressure to all the apartments. Two pumps are working in parallel in order to increase the available water flow. The control box manages the operation of the pumps, alternating their function. Often in Africa there is no potable water for domestic use, so it’s a common practice to place pumps in cast-iron. To ensure the working operation of the booster system, water stocks tanks were set.

Moreover, for the external swimming pool, Nesstra installed Euroswim 300 M. Because of the higher hydraulic efficiency, Euroswim is very silent (only 65 Db) and can operate continuously even in domestic environment. Last but not least, Nova Up 600 MA was installed at the basement of the elevator: during raining season, flood of grey water can occur, so it’s necessary to drain it out.