Where: Iran
Installator: Diesel Pump Asia Trade CO.
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Heating, Conditioning, Water boosting
Products: 1, 2, 3 KV 3, 6, 10 , K SINGLE IMPELLER, K TWIN IMPELLER, KDN, NKM-G, NKP-G


Saman daroo 8 is a biotechnology organization which operates under the holding of Samen pharmaceutical company; it is the first biotechnology company in Iran and the sixth in the world that produces human recombinant factor VIII (hr FVIII).

In this center besides endeavors to develop the most efficient and long-acting FVIII, there will be attempts for improving other recombinant products and monoclonal antibodies for treating a vast spectrum of diseases such as autoimmune and neurological disorders and cancers.

The project and the relative concept to improve the efficiency of water consumption inside the main building has been design and realize with our professional range of DAB products made in Italy:

  • KV (vertical multistage centrifugal pumps for high flow boosting);
  • K single and double impeller (centrifugal pumps for high flow boosting);
  • KDN, NKP-G, NKM-G (standardized centrifugal pumps for HVAC and Firefighting booster systems).

The project was implemented through the support of two main companies:

  • Knowledge based on Spico LTD, the exclusive partner for DAB in Iran that provide engineering support in order to improve solutions able to optimize the systems.
  • Diesel Pump Asia Trade Co, the exclusive representative of DAB Company in Khorasan that provide materials in line with the project requirements and after sales service support.