Where: Germany
Client: Kurt Pietsch GmbH & Co. KG / Heinz Böcker GmbH
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Heating
Products: Evoplus Small, Evoplus


In northern Münsterland, Steinfurt, the 3,800 m2 newly designed headquarter of the company ‘reha team Perick’ has been completed. With a branch office in Greven and more than 40 employees, the Sanitätshaus Perick is a new lighthouse for medical and rehabilitation technology as well as homecare; the head office in Steinfurt provides excellent organization and logistics services and a wide range of products.

The realization of this architecturally successful new building was based on the innovative hydraulic concept of the thermal cycle. Such concept was developed by the engineering office TGA, with the following results: the heating circuits are connected, following their temperature level, via 5-way mixers, so that the returns of the warmer heating circuits are mixed into the headers of the colder heating circuits. Thus, the volume flow through the heat generator can be reduced and supplied with the lowest possible return temperature. The result is a huge energy saving compared to traditional systems.

The SHK enterprise, based in Steinfurt, installed such complex system under the project management of Herr Böcker. Both the planners, SHK craftsmen and wholesaler Kurt Pietsch from Ahaus - leader in plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation - and the builder Perick were more than satisfied with the use of such hydraulic concept, which included the DAB hot water circulators Evoplus.

Four Evoplus 60/180M and 40/180M and a larger Evoplus B120/220 32M were integrated in some critical points in the system, with the aim of reducing energy consumption while, at the same time, offering the best possible operability and long-term safety and efficiency. These Evoplus models were chosen specifically for their high quality, their differentiated range and their 70% energy savings in accordance with the European ErP (Energy related Products) Directive Regulations (2015). Of course, these pumps offer intelligent control for minimal noise, reduction in the circulation rate and a thermal protection coating which add considerable value to the product quality and to the project itself.