D.Training is the training institution created to develop and spread the knowledge on water displacement technologies.
The excellence of Italian industry, the new yielding technologies and a team of experts able to give trainings in 6 different languages: all of this makes D.Training the feather in the cap for the education in DAB’s world.
Highly qualifi ed resources work everyday shoulder to shoulder with DAB’s sales force, to let research and technology merge in D.Training together with knowledge of the market, proved by the success achieved in the fi eld for over 40 years.
D.Training is capable of giving a customized and modular teaching proposal, including frontal lectures, visits in the production sites, opensource seminars and on-line sessions.

Keith Tonello

Group D.Training & Service Manager



DAB also invests in the digitalisation of training, to provide a service that helps its customers to keep their professional skills up to date with times and technological developments.
The new D.Learning portal is based on contents designed by experts, and conceived to ensure standard learning procedures and simple, fun and intuitive user experience.

The training paths change based on actual needs: in addition to structured training available at any time and any place, an on-demand training service with direct broadcasting and custom content capable of meeting the different personal needs will also be available.

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DAB Training