DAB won the Red Hat EMEA Digital Leaders Awards 2021
  • Category: Company

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source solutions. 

Among the reasons for awarding the Red Hat EMEA Digital Leards Awards 2021 to DAB Pumps in the Cloud Native category, judges highlighted the ability to successfully design and build a highly complex commercial digital cloud platform, including API Management, stream processing, database and data management, a modular blockchain architecture. In addition, these new native cloud technologies were integrated with the core business legacy application environments.  

The implementation enables DAB to manage customer profiles and activity, allowing it to generate and manage sales orders in real time, thanks to strong integration with the internal management system. All of this makes it easier for the IT organization to monitor processes with less effort, improving productivity and helping to create greater business value.   

The awards ceremony took place in November 16 in Milan, Italy, in conjunction with Red Hat Summit Connect 2021, the event that brings together open source experts to discuss current trends, best practices and the latest technologies in areas such as cloud, IT modernization, edge computing, big data, IoT and mobile.