Where: Italy
Installator: Idroterm Romele
Client: Moxy Hotels Marriott
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Heating, Conditioning, Water Boosting, Fire Fighting
Products: Evoplus, Evoplus San, 1, 2, 3, 4 NKVE 10, 15, 20, 32, 45 - MCE-P, 1 KVT EN 12845


Milan is the most developed city of Italy, it is considered the industrial and economic capital (6% of the total number of Italian companies are in Milan). It is the centre of trade, and many visitors and businessmen are moving there every day, by car, by train, or by plane. That’s why the small airport of Linate is always so crowded: it is the busiest airport of Italy in relation to its capacity.

Moxy Hotel is a new 5-storey building at walking distance from the airport. It is a simple but comfortable structure, with modern and innovative concepts, ideal for travellers who need one or two-night stop in a favourable position. All they need is a warm room, a hot shower, and feeling safe inside. For all these needs, DAB provided efficient solutions!

About heating & cooling, 9 water circulators Evoplus Large were installed, three of them twin-version, to guarantee a higher reliability, and other 3 of them in brass material, for main water open circuit application (showers and taps). Here the list of Evoplus codes involved: EVOPLUS Double 120/450.100, EVOPLUS Double 100/360.80, EVOPLUS Double 100/450.100, EVOPLUS B 60/220.40, EVOPLUS B 120/250.40, EVOPLUS B 80/240.50, EVOPLUS B 120/220.32 SAN, EVOPLUS B 100/280.50 SAN, EVOPLUS B 80/250.40 SAN.

About water pressurization, an efficient booster set made of 3 pumps with electronic variable frequency driver was provided. The standardised multistage pumps 3 x NKVE 20/4 T MCE 400-50 are a typical solution for CBS application, where high pressure, high flow, efficiency, reliability and energy saving are all aspects of primary importance.

Finally, a fire-fighting booster set made of 2 vertical turbines pumps (1 x KVT10 15N/2A 45 400/50 with electric motor and 1 x KVT10 15N/2A 53 MD with diesel engine) were chosen. For aesthetic and functional reasons, the Moxy Hotel management decided to place the water reservoir underground, and the technical room of pumps on the surface (next to the main building). The use of vertical turbine pumps is recommended by the European standard EN12845 when pumps work over head.

Once again DAB was the perfect supplier for this installation, with a wide range of products suitable for any requirement in Commercial Building Service. This is a great example of “all inclusive” package. This is the full service given by DAB.