Where: Vietnam
Installator: Yen Yen Company
Client: Equip Company – Viet Nam Materials Equipment Trading Company
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting
Products: EBox


The valley at the foot of the Tam Dao Mountain is referred to as ‘Place of harmony between Heaven and Earth’; this surely is the reason why it has been chosen for the ambitious project of the Tam Dao Golf & Resort Corporation (TJIC). This project consists of 312 plots of 950 ÷ 1,500 m2 each; here, guests will find a 5-star Eurasian restaurant and recreational and sport facilities, among which the Tam Dao golf club. In this exclusive location, not only will they enjoy the peaceful and green landscape of the valley all around, but they will also relax in contemporary design accommodations. The water supply and boosting system of the entire resort was provided by DAB Pumps.

More specifically, Equip Company, the exclusive distributor of DAB in Vietnam, included two Esybox units in the project. This product is fit for residential building service pressurization needs, thanks to its flexible installation and compactness (73 x 75 x 35 cm each Esybox). Not only has it got equipped wireless connection, which allows the installer/plant manager to control the system, but it also has a Variable Frequency Driver (VFD), which guarantees the highest efficiency in terms of performance and energy saving. The set point can be set from 1 to 6 bar, with constant pressure; the variable flow rate can go from 0 to 6 m3/h. Esybox, just like the nature which surrounds Tam Dao, is (almost) perfect.