Where: China
Installator: Nanjing Yaosheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Client: Grand Hotel Management Group
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Waste Water
Products: Genix, Genix WL, Genix VT


The Grand Hongjia Yiju Hotel Nanjing Yaosheng always has their clients at heart, especially when considering their physical and mental well-being: this is why it has chosen to cooperate with an important trading company, the Nanjing Yaosheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment. This enterprise was established ten years ago, and it deals with the distribution of imported water pumps mainly, providing also excellent sales and after-sales services.

The project involves sewage treatment in each room of the hotel, with the total amount of 55 bathrooms: being the main drainage ditch on the basement (1st floor) and some of the rooms lower, efficient sewage lifting devices are needed in order to lift the waste to the main line. According to these needs, a GENIX 130 (flow: 3 m3/hour; head: 5 m) has been installed in each room. It is relevant to underline that the chosen product has numerous characteristics that make it unique and, most of all, reliable: first, in this hotel’s installation, the basin and the pipes have been covered in a marble box (of course, the marble panel can be opened) for an aesthetically pleasant result; second, its operation is almost completely silent – no one will notice it is working. Finally, it has a very powerful grinder and requires little and very easy maintenance.

One might say it is also thanks to this innovative installation that the hotel customers can rest, while the gentle and ancient water of the Yangze River rocks them to sleep.