Where: Mexico
Installator: Equipos y Sistemas Hidráulicos
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water boosting
Products: EsyBox


The Clínica Chihuahua is located in the Chihuahua capital city, and grants cutting-edge equipment and experienced medical personnel in several specialties. Not only is this clinic an important establishment for the city; it has also chosen DAB to replace its previous pumping system, and it has done so through a very promising customer, EYSH. This Mexican technical company has developed an important synergy with DAB, and it has elected it as its main pumping equipment supplier. This relationship is challenging, especially due to the complexity of the market and the reach of the client; nonetheless, DAB really stands out from the competition, and offers the best solution in every new opportunity and project.

Concerning this particular project, the Clínica Chihuahua needed a replacement for their booster set; since the energy costs in Mexico are increasing, together with the cost of working with over dimensioned equipment, EYSH has provided E.sybox (2.0 HP 220 V) as the ideal solution for these needs. The installation involved two E.sybox, which will provide pressurized water for the entire building, specifically in all 5 floors and 20 offices. The duty point needed from both pumps is the following: head of 42 meters, and flow of 127 l/min.

Let’s discover more about E.sybox: this DAB booster pump is specifically used for residential and commercial building service, also thanks to its compactness and flexible installation. Moreover, thanks to the variable frequency driver (VFD) integrated in each one of them, these pumps can provide the entire structure with variable flow (from 0 to 6 m3/h for each one) with constant pressure (set point from 1 to 6 bar); this technology helps not only the life of the pump itself, but also reduces the energy costs both in terms of consumption and in terms of money saving. Constant starts and stops will not be a problem also thanks to the evaporative coolers, peculiar systems used in Chihuahua: they imply a constant flow discharge, therefore an additional expansion tank (there is already a 2 liters one inside each E.sybox, certified for drinking water) was added to the installation. It is clear, then: water will not be a problem, but a solution.