Where: Belgium
Installator: De Bie VEBA
Client: MAS Museum Management
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting, Waste Water
Products: Fekabox, Fekafos, Fekafos maxi, Feka VS, Feka VSL, KVC, KVCX, Active Driver Plus


The building of MAS Museum is an example of Post Modern Art Deco architecture, and it is considered itself a work of art. The red bricks of the façade are made of sandstone rock coming from India. The building is 60 meters tall, it dominates the landscape of the city in that area around the dock.

Being so high, the building requires pressurisation pumps for water supply to the highest level). The common solution for this performance is a vertical multistage pump, which, thanks to the multi-impellers working in series, it is able to reach the desired performance (required pressure is about 6-8 bar). Vertical pumps are designed for high pressure, but, in case also high flow is required, a booster set with vertical pumps working in parallel is the common solution. This is the case of MAS museum, where two booster sets with KVC were installed. KVC is a best-seller DAB product, for its good performance and efficiency. The factory assembly (including expansion tank air pre-charge and VFD setting) guarantees ease of installation and quality of operation.

In the same building, also Fekafos was installed as collection tank of waste water. Inside the tank, two pumps FEKA VS operate, alternatively or simultaneously, according the amount of water to drain. Using two pumps is the common solution, mainly for two reasons:

  • to enable back-up function in case of failure or maintenance of one of the pumps
  • to increase the total capacity when peaks of waste water to drain (instead of increasing the volume of the tank) Particularly, FEKA VS is another of the best products of DAB, for its extreme reliability.

Finally, the choice of the hydraulic equipment and its installation, made by the partner De Bie VEBA, was extremely good, in accordance with the state of ART. In an ART museum, it could not be otherwise.