Where: Ghana
Installator: Nesstra Ghana Ltd.
Client: Imperial Homes
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting
Products: EsyBox Max

The request

The Imperial Grove Apartments are located in a quiet area of Accra, surrounded by green gardens and a fresh swimming-pool. These 12 apartments offer their comfortable and peaceful environment to families who wish to live detached from the chaos of the centre, but always close to facilities such as schools and banks.

Nesstra Ghana LTD. has contributed to their customer’s, Imperial Homes, ‘signature of luxury’ by revolutionizing the Apartments hydraulic boosting system: they substituted their booster set with DAB Pumps newest leading product, the Esybox Max. More in details, the previous product had problems related to high noise, unstable pressure inside the system and continuous starts and stops. Our innovative solution instead, the 2 Esybox Max 85/120 T model specifically, is very silent and ergonomic. Thanks to its built-in VFD (Variable Frequency Driver, or inverter), it provides constant pressure to all the utilities in the building, regardless of how many taps will be open and of the consequent different flowrate requests. Moreover, it has integrated connectivity: with the integrated Wireless, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication modules and the DConnect, the system can be controlled and monitored by remote.

With its awarded shape design, the Esybox Max perfectly fits into these elegant apartments, and it surely makes our customers happy.