Where: Belgium
Installator: Raf Vliegen NV
Client: Mr. Hafis
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting
Products: 1, 2, 3, 4 NKV, KVC, KVCX, Active Driver Plus


In the port of Antwerp, a modern structure designed by the architect Zaha Hadid was opened to public in September 2016: it is a glass structure raising on top of an ancient firehouse. The sparkling glass panels pay homage to the diamond trade that brought prosperity to Antwerp.

Thanks to the renewing project, the abandoned building was extended in volume. It has been converted into a modern office department, hosting around 500 Port Authority employees.

The building is about 60 meters high. Vertical multistage booster pumps are necessary to pressurize water to the highest level, and new sewage tanks were added to collect water from the toilets. The hydraulic work was assigned to our partner Raf Vliegen NV, who chose DAB booster pumps as usual. A big booster set of 1 x NKV 20/7 and a smaller booster set 3 x KVCX AD 65/80 with on-board variable frequency driver are the suitable products to serve pressurized water at constant ratio or with load modularity. The systems were installed in the technical room at the basement of the ancient building.

In the same installation, you can also find sewage pumps by DAB (provided before): 2 x FEKA 2500.2T with DWC control box, 2 x FEKA 3000.2T with E.BOX PLUS control box, 2 x FEKA 4150.2T with AHMED control box.

That’s really a success story! At night, when the light is switched on in the Port House, it can be seen from miles around, being considered the new landmark of the city of Antwerp. If you will be looking at it, don’t forget there are DAB Pumps working there!