The Old and the New: Welcome to the Egypt International Exhibition Center
Where: Egypt
Installator: NCIEC National Company for International Exhibitions and Conferences
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting
Products: 1, 2, 3, 4 NKVE 10, 15, 20, 32, 45 MCE-P

The request

This structure is composed of four exhibition halls which cover around 40,300 m2, and it aims to become the hub for international events in Egypt. Their mission is to provide the most advanced and innovative supporting features to all customers, with a diverse and rich calendar of both local and international exhibitions and conferences. One would say EIEC has found a valid partner, with which to achieve such ambitious targets: DAB Pumps.

In fact, the Centre has required the installation of a booster system equipped with electronics for external irrigation, to water and refresh the green areas around the halls, and for internal cold water boosting. The selected products are three NKVE 45, three single multi-stage vertical pumps assembled in one pressurization group; they have electronics, with a nominal flow of 45 m3/h and maximum head of 320 m. Realized especially for commercial building service, they are certified for drinking water, and they are also easy to maintain and replace. The main element of this booster set are the MCE/Ps, that is variable frequency drivers (VFD) for pressurization systems: thanks to the electronics, the pumps can supply the pressurized water to the systems, changing the flow according to the needs, but always maintaining the pressure constant. By modulating the IE3 motors speed, these VFDs grant a high energy (and consequently money) saving. In a context where the highest and best technology is required, DAB products definitely keep the pace.

Quality, efficiency and reliability: only the best for the international exhibition centre in Cairo.