Where: Spain
Installator: Discale Mantenimientos S.L.
Client: Private Residential Building
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Heating
Products: Evoplus


Despite Spain is supposed to be a very hot country, temperature can drop to extremely cold during winter, especially in the north. Buildings need heating systems, commonly gas burners with condensing boilers. This is the case of the condominium in Plaza de Los Tilos, near the centre of Pamplona: there are two towers with 17 floors and 96 apartments each. At the basement of the building, there is its technical room. Here, the heating system was totally renewed, with the installation of two new boilers 600 kW heat power each.

The power is apparently huge, but considering the numbers of flats it’s not that big: a single apartment usually requires a 25-kW heating capacity boiler, used for hot water recirculation and hot water for bathrooms. In this case instead, using one only central system with continuous inertial operation, the high efficiency is maintained for longer periods, peaks of energy consumption are avoided, a big energy saving is achieved.

Here the big advantage of using a central system. The only disadvantage is represented by the low flexibility and poor modulation of the system. For this reason, the use of an electronic circulator is a must, also imposed by the new European standard, in force since 2015. The installer Discale Mantenimientos S.L. chose 8 x DAB Evoplus for this important project.

Evoplus is a high-performance circulator, with flow up to 40 m3/h and head up to 15 meters (ideal pressure for buildings up to 60 meters high). Thanks to the VFD and the possibility to set parameters through the display, it can adapt to different working conditions and different installation layouts. In this case a series of 8 x Evoplus were serving different utilities with different set point.

Discale Mantenimientos S.L. is the dynamic company dedicated to design, installation, implementation and maintenance of new generation heating systems. They always propose DAB circulators, as they perform well, they are easy to use and low maintenance products. DAB has a strong presence in terms of heating systems in the north of Spain. It is a renowned brand, and many installers feel comfortable working with DAB.