Close to the ‘Lake of Great Splendour’ in Jinan
Where: China
Installator: Nanjing Shihao Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
Client: Jinan Jinchun Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Macerators
Products: Genix, Genix WL, Genix VT


Jinan China Railway Yidu International Apartment is one of the new modern buildings that, in Jinan, coexist with the historic ones: it has collaborated with an important Chinese enterprise to provide the different apartments with an innovative, and simple at the same time, sewage system solution. The Nanjing Yaosheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment company, with its more than ten years’ experience, is involved in the distribution of imported water pumps, with its excellent sales and after-sales services and its innovation-driven perspective.

The project involved all the 100 apartments in the building: they all refer to the same-floor drainage system, but each bathroom has its own sewage pipeline, and there was the necessity to discharge into the main pipeline. To this scope, 100 units of GENIX 130 have been provided, one for each apartment. These automatic lifting stations, with their working point at flow = 2,5 m3/h and head = 6 m, their strong grinder and their almost completely silent working operation, were the final choice. This product also allows a very quick installation and very easy maintenance in white gloves. What better solution for these modern building apartments?