Where: United States
Installator: Bruce Plumbing Supply
Client: Rom Pipe
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Water boosting
Products: EsyBox, ESYTWIN


Ocean Avenue is a major street in the Brooklyn borough of New York, and the Ocean Ave Condo is situated right there. E.sybox, one of DAB’s excellency product, has been selected for this brand new building and its water boosting systems: with its 7 floors, 16 apartments and one commercial space on the ground floor, this construction has been provided with two E.sytwin, that is four E.sybox coupled two by two through the specific E.sydocks.

This product is ideal for water pressurization in residential building services: with their compactness and flexibility of installation (73 x 75 x 35 cm each), these two E.sytwin have been nestled on the basement of the building and, thanks to their equipped wireless connection, they can communicate with one another, managing the users requests and keeping the plant under control. In fact, thanks to their integrated VFD (Variable Frequency Driver), these variable speed pumps are a perfectly functioning booster set, and guarantee constant pressure (with a set point from 1 to 8 bar) with variable flow (from 0 to 6 m3/h for one E.sybox). The two E.sybox can work both simultaneously and alternatively.

Moreover, this kind of product is 100% efficient both in terms of performance and energy saving: the residents and customers of the Ovean Ave Condo will surely spare in energy consumption, while gaining in value and in quality.