Where: Belgium
Installator: Kindt Technics
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Rain Water
Products: DConnect Box, DConnect Box 2, EBox


In the beautiful Flemish countryside, there was an abandoned creek close to a new residential area; the whole zone was very humid and, in heavy rainy periods, there was a villa which had flooding issues in the basement. The installation company, while working on the heating and plumbing system, had already installed an efficient buffer tank under the floor. Nonetheless, despite such tank and the pump with floater were already in the basement, rain kept flooding the house.

A remote control solution seemed the right way to go. Kindt Technics contacted DAB for the DConnect: this device would allow the control of the system in real time and, connected to the flashing alarm light, would give indication of which pump would fail during rainy periods, and why. DAB provided, first, two NOVA UP pumps, that is two submersible pumps fit for drainage in domestic contexts (flow from 1 up to 15 m3/h and head up to 10 m). Second, one Ebox, a control box fit for drainage which allows you to easily manage and configure the pumps (up to 2 of them), to protect the pumps from, for example, overloads and too frequent starts, and to visualize different alarms; and finally, connected to the Ebox with a simple USB cable, the DConnect.

Why DConnect? It is the new DAB cloud service compatible with its electronic products, such as the Ebox, it allows you to control installations remotely and in real time; controlling means not only monitoring and checking the functioning parameters of the pumps from the screen of your device. You can also easily change some of the parameters (for example, start and stop levels of each pump), and respond to the changing needs of your installation just in a few seconds. You can also see the working history of your installation up to one year backwards, and download the data on .cvs format for a more accurate analysis. All you need to do is download the app on your phone, pc or tablet, and it’s done.

Not only does this device better your pumps performance, but their maintenance is even easier to plan, with reduced costs and 24/7 technical assistance always at your disposal. Surely, customers will be able to enjoy rainy days and listen to the raindrops along the creek, in their safe and perfectly monitored home.