Where: Indonesia
Installator: CV Permata Pompa
Client: TEJAPRANA Bisma, Ubud – BALI
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Water boosting
Products: EsyBox


The Tejaprana Bisma Hotel is a hidden gem in Bali. Situated 39 km far from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, it offers its lucky guests the chance to relax by an elegant outdoor swimming pool; you can also enjoy a healthy breakfast with continental, American and Asian plates, and roam in the countryside with free bikes. This resort is so devoted to its customers that it has chosen DAB’s excellency product E.sybox for its water boosting systems.

The E.sybox booster system provides drinkable water to many villas and cottages: in each of them, there may be a shower and a bath tub, a toilet, one or two bathroom sinks and one basin in the kitchenette. The water demand can be huge if all the users ask for fresh water at the same time, but luckily this event is not common. Most of the times, not all the villas are occupied, only few taps are open, but a peak of request is detected in the evening (before bed time) or in the early morning.

To face the variability of the water demand, a variable speed pump is necessary, to adapt the flow and pressure to the user need. This is the main reason to choose E.sybox: embedded in the box, there is a complete booster system with VFD (Variable Frequency Driver), electronic board, sensors and pressure tank, for a plug & play solution ready to use. E.sybox provides constant pressure (set point adjustable from 1 to 6 bar) and variable flow (from 0 to 6 m3/h).

Four E.sybox are installed in a booster set (max flow is then 25 m3/h), all of them working alternatively or simultaneously according to water demand from users. The rotation and duty-standby cycles of pumps are managed automatically by the electronic intelligence of each system and the wireless communication between them. This solution gives many advantages: modularity, precision, efficiency, energy saving (when the request is low, only one pump is working), back-up (if one pump is down, the other ones compensate), longer lifetime (pumps are never stressed).

The installation of the four pumps is above water surface: the water reservoir is underground, so self-priming pumps must be used. E.sybox is a self-priming pump, it is able to suck water from below up to 6-8 meters. The beautiful cosmetic of E.sybox pump is also an added value: the green box perfectly matches the green landscape of Balinese forests, and a nice installation is always appreciated.

There are thousands of reasons to choose E.sybox, but the best feature ever is the extremely low noise level, as E.sybox is the most silent pump in the world (only 45 dB), thanks to the soundproofing covers, the hydraulic efficiency, the VFD optimization, the anti-vibration rubber feet, the liquid cooling. In a peaceful environment like the Tejaprana Bisma hotel, where people pretend to relax in the nature, the silent operation of the pumps is of primary importance.