Where: Spain
Installator: SEICO
Client: End customer
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Swimming pool
Products: ESWIM


In the residential area of Valdecaballeros, wealthy inhabitants enjoy the calm and gentle climate typical of the province of Badajoz. In the municipality there is a fair number of sports facilities for residents, tipically ‘short distance’ swimming pools with standard dimensions of 25 x 18 meters.

It should be pointed out that the current regulation for common pools requires changing their dimensions and reducing their volume due to energy saving and maintenance issues.

An outstanding example of such regulatory compliance is represented by the work of the Spanish company SEICO; specialized in water treatment, in sale and installation of accessories such as filters, chlorinators and, of course, pumps, this enterprise has made relevant changes in the public pool of the residence. The adjustment was shortening the length of the basin from 25 to 20 meters; this change has reduced the volume to 350 cubic meters. The wall they built provided a technical room inside the pool itself; here, two sand filters coupled with two DAB electrical pumps E.Swim 150 were arranged in order to guarantee the water filtration.

This way, SEICO succeeded in obtaining the maximum yield with the minimum use of resources. This project combines the simplicity of a lean system with low pressure losses, and the energy savings that small pumps with integrated inverters can perform. The modularity and flexibility of the DAB E.Swim is characterised by different setting modes, which allow the following configurations: fixed flow rate, variable speed, 4 set points and time-schedule with daily and weekly programming.

The low pressure drops, the proximity to the basin and the positioning under head have allowed SEICO to size a twin system (2 x Hayward sand filters and 2 x E.Swim 150) which results in a simple, compact and energy-saving installation. The features of the pumps, that work at partial speed (15-20 m3/h), grant the right value of daily water changes , backup in case of failure, and also the chance to set the performance of the daily filtration.