The new press of DAB Mestrino


DAB invests in equipment for the future: the new press of DAB Mestrino
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The new press installed at the DAB plant of Mestrino has been put into operation in January 2017. The aim of this new machine is to improve the productivity and the technological pool of our production department.

2.5 metre wide, 5 metre long, 7 metre high, 115,000 kg weight, and a 500 ton power of pressing force: these are the numbers of the new addition that will bring more flexibility and a significant increase in production capacity.


The new press is not just an important investment, but also the result of an ambitious project, which required approximately one year for its design, and a further year and a half for its starter. Seeing it in action will be for us a great reason of pride.

These are the words of Piero Zen, DAB Industrial Engineering Officer, who together with his team - which included Ruby Cegalin, Marco Bernardi, and Enzo Zuin -, brought the project to completion.

The new installation will also bring a reduction in raw material and energy consumption, confirming the long-standing commitment of the group towards better environmental sustainability.

Growth and continuous improvement are also ensured by such improvements.